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History of InsulMat Technic

InsulMat Technic Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 2021 as a wholly-owned company by Bumiputera, which committed to becoming a trusted insulation supplier. InsulMat Technic is a continuity of Faiz Engineering and Maintenance Services, which has been specializing in the thermal insulation industry since 2013.

InsulMat Technic manufactures insulation products in our facility in Terengganu. The fabrication facility is equipped with machinery that aids in fabricating quality insulation products. An expert team also backs the manufacturing facility to ensure the manufacturing process goes on unhindered. Moreover, we also provide insulation installation services that our competent and skilled team will manage.

InsulMat Technic offers quality products and reliable services all over Malaysia. We have been serving the oil & gas, power generation, chemical and refinery, and automotive industries with numerous projects and a list of customers across the country. InsulMat Technic also intensively cooperates with established vendors to commercialize our services.

We diligently focus on providing value-added solutions to supplement our clients with satisfaction and success. We also give utmost importance to safety, quality, and sustainability, as these values are made an integrated part of our daily practice.

“We cover all dimensions”

Company Vission

To be recognized as a reliable supplier of quality insulation services in Malaysia.

Company Mission

1. To continuously enhance competitiveness, competence and leadership in the provision of our services.

2. Honor our commitment and timely job completion as well as to the unfailing protection of health, safety and the environment.

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