Recent Developments in Mechanical Insulation Technology

Many engineers and specifiers of mechanical insulation (MI) may not be aware that there have been a large number of changes and developments in standards and products in the past 5 years. When issuing project specifications, it is recommended that specifiers know what these changes and developments are so they can revise their MI specifications […]

Engineering and the Insulation Industry

Mechanical and electrical engineering are widely applicable disciplines within the insulation world. The industry is constantly investigating ways to improve processes used to produce insulation materials, design installed systems, and for the next best material or technology. The insulation industry has developed mass insulations that inhibit conduction, reflective insulation products that inhibit radiant heat transfer, […]

The Science Behind Insulation

The technology behind insulation is not well known, and it can often be relegated to a less important status on a building project. Far from being one-size-fits-all, each application calls for specific types of insulation based on the type of system, operating conditions, and goals desired. Physics is the basis of all insulation. Thermal dynamics, […]