Engineering and the Insulation Industry

Mechanical and electrical engineering are widely applicable disciplines within the insulation world. The industry is constantly investigating ways to improve processes used to produce insulation materials, design installed systems, and for the next best material or technology. The insulation industry has developed mass insulations that inhibit conduction, reflective insulation products that inhibit radiant heat transfer, and even insulations that employ vacuum technology to stop conduction. Nanoparticle technology is also being employed to produce highly efficient insulation materials. Some of the world’s largest companies have invested in ongoing projects to develop cutting-edge insulation technology.

Engineering disciplines used in insulation formulation, production, and installation include:

  • Ceramic engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Corrosion engineering
  • Metallurgical engineering
  • Acoustical engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Information technology/systems development
  • Robotics/Plant Automation

Plants have to be built, machinery designed and tested, product development work conducted, computer systems for both business and manufacturing applications have to be designed and implemented, factory automation created and developed from concept to implementation, lab applications created for purposes ranging from basic research to quality control functions, and numerous other objectives. The industry uses a wide range of engineering disciplines in wide ranging set of applications. In the development of the uses and application of insulation materials, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Safety Engineering, Energy Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Acoustical Engineering are very typical disciplines employed. Engineered solutions are required to address problems that insulation can address, like thermal and acoustical control. When non-engineered application of insulation technology is implemented or employed, it will likely result in an inferior product that will have ongoing repercussions for system operations.

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