Insulation Cladding

InsulMat Technic provides fabrication services for metal cladding used in industrial thermal protection for pipelines, storage tanks, and various equipment. Metal cladding serves a dual purpose by not only providing heat protection but also optimizing heat and energy usage, effectively minimizing heat loss in critical systems. The cladding is used to prevent condensation on the surface of the insulation material and protect pipes from mechanical impact.

Typically, metal cladding is fabricated using materials such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum due to their resistance to corrosion, outdoor weather, and chemicals. As the insulated systems are often located outdoors and exposed to environmental influences, cladding is necessary to ensure consistent performance throughout the service cycle. Additionally, the insulation cladding is fabricated with overlapping surfaces to prevent moisture ingress into the insulation material.

Our expertise in metal cladding fabrication is not limited to straight pipes, but also covers components of any shape and complexity. This includes T-pipes, elbows, dome heads, and valves. All our products are customized to order, ensuring that the shape meets our customers’ specific requirements. With our “cover all dimensions” approach, InsulMat Technic is committed to delivering high-quality metal cladding solutions that meet our customers’ expectations.

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