Insulation Mattressess

InsulMat Technic specializes in the custom fabrication of reusable insulation mattresses for industrial applications, which provide personnel protection from conductive and convective heat sources or energy savings for critical components. Our expert team custom-engineers every insulation mattress for each customer, ensuring a perfect fit that covers all dimensions.

Unlike regular insulation cladding, our reusable insulation mattresses are sewn according to the actual shape of the equipment, whether a single component or an entire system. Our insulation mattresses are specially designed for temperature ranges between 300°C to 1000°C. We use high-grade flame-resistant material that is fireproof and resistant to water, chemicals, weather, mold, and abrasion.

Our insulation mattresses are made from specially developed 3 main compositions to meet surface temperature requirements.

  1. Cold Face – The outer protective layer is designed to form a shield of insulation from environmental exposure.
  2. Insulation Medium – The middle layer provides the actual heat containment, and the thickness varies depending on the amount of heat reduction required.
  3. Hot Face – The inner liner helps to encapsulate the insulation medium and protect the insulation from fluid seepage.
  4. Fastener – Closures and fasteners are used to secure the insulation mattress in place and facilitate easy removal and re-install of the insulation mattress.

All of these components vary according to the application and the requirements. There are some factors that take into account when designing the insulation mattress, including the desired outer surface temperature, frequency of insulation removal, and the location (indoor & outdoor) of the equipment itself. At InsulMat Technic, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality insulation mattresses that guarantee maximum heat loss protection. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your equipment and personnel.

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