Personnel Protection Caging

InsulMat Technic provides an innovative alternative to conventional insulation cladding and insulation fiber for personnel protection: Personnel Protection Caging. Our custom-designed caging system ensures a safe working environment while reducing operating costs. The system is tailored to your facility and application, and is typically installed on metallic equipment that operates between 50°C and 200°C.

Our personnel protection caging is designed to maintain surface temperatures within the safe touch temperature range, and consists of a conductive heat dissipater on the hot surface and a protective cage at a calculated periphery distance to prevent the heat from exceeding safe temperature limits. This unique system eliminates the need for traditional insulation and completely eliminates corrosion under insulation. With our personnel protection caging, a complete visual inspection is possible and ultrasonic thickness testing (UTT) is made much easier.

InsulMat Technic’s personnel protection caging is an effective solution for personnel safety in various industrial applications. We take pride in designing and manufacturing the highest quality caging systems to meet our clients’ unique requirements, ensuring a safe and productive work environment.

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