Insulation Inspection Window & Plug

InsulMat Technic provides innovative solutions for efficient and cost-effective inspection and maintenance of insulated pipes and equipment. Our inspection window and plug technology allows for easy, resealable access to inspect for corrosion under insulation (CUI) or perform ultrasonic thickness testing (UTT).

Our inspection window consists of a locking ring tied with an elastomer cap that can be easily opened and resealed. The locking ring is available in either aluminum or stainless steel, while the elastomer cap comes in either EPDM or silicone. Our inspection plug is made of non-fibrous insulation that encapsulates the thermal inside the locking ring.

Our inspection window and plug come in standard sizes of 2”, 3” and 5” with customized thickness to suit the requirements of each application. This technology is proficient in saving time for regular inspections or maintenance, making it an efficient solution for industrial operations.


  • Time and cost saving for inspections
  • Reusable
  • Protect against CUI, chemical and UV exposure
  • No special tools required
  • Prevention cap loss

With our inspection window and plug, you can inspect your insulated pipes and equipment without the need for costly and time-consuming removal of insulation. This technology not only saves time and money but also ensures the safety of the  workers. Choose InsulMat Technic for reliable and cost-effective solutions for your industrial insulation needs.

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